Hostgator Webhosting vs iPage

Proper webhosting plays a great role in uplifting your online businesses. At present, there are many web hosting services available online to help marketing professionals across the world. Which is the best web hosting service provider to enhance online businesses? This is a common question heard from people. Let’s compare here some of the exotic features of HostGator vs iPage. Performance of the web hosting service holds a prominent role in enhancing online businesses.

HostGator is one among the best chosen web hosting services by online professionals across the world. Today, HostGator own thousands of customers from all countries. High quality service is one among the main solutions for the above question. Similar to HostGator, iPage is another exotic web hosting service provider used by online professionals. Both iPage and HostGator use Intel Xeon Quad core processor to manage their data centers.

When compared to HostGator, iPage come with average server speed. Generally, server speed is determined according to the server response test. According to server response test, a website running with HostGator need only 1.8 seconds time to load its page. When comparison is done between iPage and HostGator, you can see that iPage need almost 2.4 seconds time load its page. Loading time of site plays a great role in enhancing traffic to site. Hence more professionals are choosing HostGator as their web hosting provider to run businesses.

Today, HostGator service is chosen by companies of all sizes. Unlike HostGator, iPage is mostly chosen by companies of small sizes. Shared web hosting is one among the highlighting features of both iPage and HostGator. When comparison is done between iPage and HostGator, you can see iPage as a little expensive service provider than HostGator. As said earlier, quality of service is a main feature checked before selecting a service provider from site.

Survey record shows that the quality of service provided by HostGator is on top when compared to that of iPage. Customer support is another main feature checked before selecting a HostGator service provider to run businesses. Today, HostGator is available with 24/7/365 day customer support to enhance customer satisfaction. As per records, HostGator is one among the top web hosting companies that provide excellent service to customers.

Highly talented professionals to give answers are one among the main features of HostGator service. Stunning arrays of professionals owned by company are willing to provide excellent support to all customers at any time. When comparison is done between iPage and HostGator, both service providers give an amazing array of freebies to customers. Some of the exotic freebies offered by HostGator include dedicated IP, instant backup and $100 Google Adwords. Apart from the above specified freebies, HostGator is also available with options like zen cart, free toll number and free WordPress installation.

When you search for the freebies with iPage, you can see this hosting service provider with a wide array of freebies like marketing suite and free wordpress installation. Free domain registration for 1 year and free site lock protection are other freebies generally available with iPage web hosting service provider. On the whole of comparison between HostGator vs iPage, HostGator leads on top of performance.

Hostgator vs Fatcow

When choosing a webhosting provider for your website, it is important to do a comparison of some of the well-known providers and choose the best among them. Hostgator and Fatcow are among the best companies in the webhosting industry. Choosing the better between them can be a daunting task considering that they all have proven to be quite great. In this Hostgator vs Fatcow review, we will try to compare some of the features that both companies offer so that you can choose one of them easily.

One of the main things you need to look for in a webhosting provider is the pricing and plans that they offer. Hostgator offers you several plans, including a Baby Plan for unlimited space as well as a free shared certificate, a Hatchling Plan for smaller projects and a Business Plan that is suitable for ecommerce projects. All these plans have money saving extras such as a toll free business line and a complimentary dedicated IP. Hostgator also offers specialized plans for VPS, reseller as well as dedicated hosting needs.

As for Fatcow hosting plans, the main focus is usually on successful shared hosting. They also have an unlimited feature-filled hosting plan that allows you to benefit greatly when you use Fatcow coupon links. They also offer ecommerce solutions, marketing assistance as well as merchant services but at an additional charge.

One of the things that makes Hostgator better than Fatcow is the fact that they offer a reseller hosting account and dedicated server account. With a reseller account, you can easily set up your own hosting company. It allows you to have a master log-in that enables you to manage multiple hosting accounts and also allows customers to log into it just to view it or deal with changes. If you want this plan to be worthwhile, you will need to have a specific business plan in mind.

With the dedicated server account provided by Hostgator, you can be able to rent the entire server on a monthly basis. If you are making a software application or putting up a large database website, the dedicated server would be ideal for you. But if you are putting up a personal or business websites, a simple shared plan will be ideal. As mentioned earlier, the common shared hosting plans that are provided by Hostgator include the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan and the Business Plan. The Baby Plan will be the best option if you want to host more than one domain.

Another advantage that Hostgator has over Fatcow is that it employs the cPanel for its hosting admin. This control panel is employed by most hosting companies on the market due to its reliability and user friendliness. It is quite easier to navigate even for a beginner. Whether you are looking for a webhosting provider for business or individual needs, Hostgator Web Hosting is hands-down the winner between the two. Comparing the two reveals that for the complicated hosting situation with robust needs, Hostgator is definitely going to be your best bet.


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